Security is the key concern of many businesses nowadays. Along with the Physical securities (Security guards), CCTV securitiy system is a vital element when it comes to security of a business. It allows you to have a live view of your business premises allowing you to monitor people entering the business premises, employees and other other assets within your building. The cameras can be accessed by authroised people within the company as well as outside the company.

Why do you need CCTV security System ?

  • Prevent and deter crime.

The main aim of CCTV systems is to reduce insecurities in the surrounding. Companies equipped with CCTV systems may be the least preferred target, therefore making the environment safe from incidents such as burglary, vandalism and others.

  • Monitor your employees.

The CCTV system allows you to monitor the behavior of your employees when they are within the business premises. This discourages employees from damaging, stealing or cause any other type of damage to the assets of your company.

  • Remote access to cameras.

You are able to access any cameras installed within your business with specific credentials from anywhere and at anytime. The cameras can be accessed using computers and even through smartphone and tablet PCs.

Do it cost a lot to implement a CCTV system ?

The implementation cost differs for any each business since the requirements, coverage area and blind spot areas for each business are different. Your selected staff can also be trained by us so that they are able to use the CCTV system effectively. You can request a quote by chatting to any of our live agent or simply by using our Contact Form.

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