Established in 2010, NSC included Network & Security implementations, Security Auditing and Training. NSC continued a sustainable growth along the years, though without any advertising - we let our good deeds do it for us 😉

We are as concerned with the connectivity and security of our clients' business as much as they are. We cater their networks as if they were ours.

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Our mission and values


To make IT easy through technology for our clients to concentrate on their core businesses by staying connected resiliently, to their suppliers and clients, securely.

Who do we serve?
Our clients include the private and public sectors, e.g., authorities, ISPs, financial institutions, pharmaceutical and the hotel industry, etc.
Some specific names are:
- Rogers Capital Technology Services - (RCTS)
- Eclosia Technology Services (ETS)
- Agiliss
- Aspen
- PhoenixBev
- Providus
- ABC Banking Corporation
- A1 Payments
- UPayWise Ltd
- Checkout Ltd
- CIM Finance
- Compagnie Mauricienne de Textile Ltée (CMT)
- Currimjee Jeewanjee
- Imara Trust Ltd

Also, due to this growth, our Training department had to be separated to a different entity, our sister company - Illumin-IT Ltd. As at to date, NSC is capable of providing our clients with turn-key solutions in Network & Security.

Navin Sharma Chengee Founder & CEO


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