Engaging suitably IT skilled and screened temporary workers simply makes good sense for businesses for a variety of situations. NSC can supply quality IT staffs for a time-frame exactly suited to your workplace requirements whether it be to cover permanent staff leave, an extra pair of hands to keep business trucking along or a trial based scenario. We provide greater flexibility for your organisation without the need for on-going commitment and long-term employer associated costs. NSC is able to efficiently meet your temporary worker needs.

The benefits to you?

  • Convenience! It is a quick and easy solution;

  • No time consuming recruiting for you;

  • There is no recruitment fee for engaging a temporary worker;

  • No HR/payroll administration. We take care of that for you!

  • All payroll expenses included in one monthly invoice. We take care of all costs associated with employing staff including wages, NPS, Superannuation, WorkCover, State Payroll taxes and responsibility of on-going HR requirements;

  • Flexibility for your operations. You only pay for the hours you actually need the temp worker to satisfactorily complete the job;

  • Workers who are reference checked and who are ready skilled requiring minimal training to get settled in;

  • Workers who are best suited to your work-place environment;

Benefits of Using Temporary IT Staff

If you’ve got a massive project that needs some extra assistance or if you’re preparing for a busy season (Christmas period for example), temporary employment might be precisely what you’re after. Having the option to employ a temporary staff member may be the perfect solution for your business. They can fill a gap quickly, and there’s no long-term commitment or risk involved.
Here are the top 5 advantages of using temporary IT staff.

  • Flexibility

Having the flexibility to hire additional employees for a temporary period, will give you the ability to get a massive project done. Once the project is complete, you no longer have to have the additional employee on board within your business. This option also gives you the flexibility to schedule long-term workers on shifts that best work for your company and the employee’s work/life balance. This will keep everyone happy at work and you still have the exact amount of hours you want to be covered.

  • Multiple Functions

There are many advantages, regarding operations management that temporary employees can serve for your business. They can assist during busy periods such as the Christmas holiday season. They can cover for an absent employee. They can also help during busy, yet short-term projects.

  • Test Before You Hire

This is a great way to pre-qualify full-time employees. Lots of Mauritian businesses use temporary employees for a trial period to assess their skills in the position they are needed in, evaluate their ability to get the job done, analyse their compatibility with the business.

  • Convenience

There is also no recruitment fee when you engage with a temporary worker. Another convenient reason to employ temporary staff is there are no HR/payroll administration tasks, as we can take care of that on your behalf. All of your payroll expenses are included in one Monthly invoice. We take care of all costs associated with employing staff including, wages, NPS, WorkCover, State Payroll taxes and the responsibility of on-going HR requirements.

  • Access to new skills

Temporary employees may have various skills & perspectives about specific tasks/projects within their role, that can help improve efficiency within your business. If a new project or product requires skills outside of your team’s area of expertise, a IT Expert can provide that new talent to assist with those skills, train other staff members on these efficient & effective steps & only stay for as long as they are needed or on a specific time schedule, not on a full-time basis.

  • Interested?

If you’d like to try using temporary employees for your business, contact us today & we can discuss your specific needs &/or project requirements to find a candidate that is right for you strategically. We have a strong reputation for supplying well-fitting candidates and offering superior service to our clients. We work with you & your business needs as tightly as if it were our own, to make sure all our clients know they are getting a top quality service. Upon your request, we can gladly provide you with reference of where we are already satisfying our clients with this service 🙂

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